Monthly Archives: March 2014

In the Scottish Highlands

Just back from a 5 day trip to the Northern Highlands , a place I love , to work.

Although the south of the country was basking in a ( barmy by UK standards ) 17 deg I was wind swept and lashed up there which made work, or I should say a abundance of work difficult, but, wonderful and invigorating none the less.

Here are two Images I managed to make and I like, A stag called Hardy and a salmon Fish farmer named Hugh.

Thanks to Hugh ( and Hardy ) and to the Ceilidha Place, Ullapool ( ) for the great hospitality as usual !

( FYI , I decided to leave the rain spots on the filters deliberately ! )







‘There America’

Busy working and letting Blog’s slip – bad,  so back in Office and catching up….


I Have had Really productive and interesting few months, culminating in a 5000 mile road trip from NYC to the South and a few weeks working around Jackson Mississippi and up in the Delta continuing the ‘There America’ project (that we hope to complete and publish by next year). The new work is starting to be incorporated into the Web site, samples on Instagram and my twitter feed. Here’s one from the series I made down South of ‘Ray’s Auto repair shop’ , except, it looked more like Ray’s home from home in there !. I had gone along to Ray’s looking for a old piece of auto-glass to shoot thro on another image but when I stepped inside and met co-worker Tim and ‘Biscuit’ the Dog I had to go back and make a picture of them all in the Semi-Rockwell-esque way I am working with this series. Hope you like it ( and the others ) D.