Monthly Archives: February 2015

My Picture chosen for the New ‘SHARE’ book Vol 1.

The Swedish based publisher NEW HEROES & PIONEERS have just published the large hard back coffee table book called ‘SHARE’ – It is a collection of 50 images from 50 invited artists, illustrators and photographers from around the world. Each page is detachable and thus the picture can be framed or collected. I thought to share the picture of mine that was chosen 🙂1Logcutter-Jessprint-24cm

Truckers above Rajasthan , India.

Here is another shot ( personal ) from our mammoth JWT job. This time high-up in the mountains of Rajasthan. These were local truck drivers who brought the trucks for the shoot. The young driver in the centre could have easily passed as a movie star in another life, in this one however he does a incredibly hard and low paid job with dignity and stoicism, as indeed do the majority . *Follow on Instagram #darranreesUdaipur-main-fin