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New Black & White work

While shooting in the far north recently I took some time out to visit the ruin of Bainakeil church.

It’s such a mystical and spiritual place in it’s exposed position in what seems the edge of the world. The current building here dates from the 16th Century, but the church was actually founded in 722 ! by the the Celtic Saint Maeirubha.

I felt it lended itself to Black and White. Which helps , hopefully, capture some of the simple power and spirituality of the place. The five completed images can be viewed on my Bechance gallery here:-


Here’s the final ‘retouched’ Kick-Ass-Horse. Well , it’s been rendered and cleaned-up, that’s it. *( more new work going up on my web site thru this week ) The stallion here, called ‘Cap’ had not stood in water before and started pawing at it ,maybe to clear it or make it go away? So this is a straight capture while he was doing that. It was so windy, his main of hair along with rider Lorna’s , was luckily horizontal !. I shot this at low tide at dawn and again in the PM. and we had sun in the PM which I had originally wanted. But his morning version, along with Caps’ unique and emblematic pose,  captures more of the spirit & the idea of the picture – I hope .


New U.S. work published

Here is one of the images made recently for ‘Liberty Mutual ‘ which I can now show. The commission was to provide a minimum of ten ‘beautiful’ and ‘iconic’ images of the well know lady landmark for this famous Boston based client , who use her image in their advertising.

I had three hours helicopter-time over two days , two dawns and one evening. The weather played ball with us on one of those mornings and gave me what I was looking for . That moment of evocation and symbolism associated with this place. Just a little rendering here on my version and no comping.

Thank you to ; Allison of Liberty Mutual , Patti & Renee of Schumann & Co.,Chicago. and Anneka Howe of ‘Howehaus Productions’ New York, for all providing the opportunity and help making it work so well. Finally ,Scott Freeman at ‘The Operators’ -London for the terrific post production on the clients final pics.Liberty-FIN-2June-myversion+flag+USM