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Greece-Spring & Summer ‘Twelve Days on Patmos ‘.Exhibition.

I was invited by the International Film Festival (iffp ) to make project of the small island of Patmos, Greece , to run as a exhibition concurrently with the week long annual film festival there in July. Shooting in June, I returned to London to print and back to Patmos in July to hang the exhibition .

Measuring only 8 km x 2 km, the island is a fascinating microcosm of a larger world tucked away in the Northern Dodecanese in the Aegean sea. With a mix of peoples, some who were born ,live and work on the island, to expatriates from all corners of the world who have made homes there for most of their adult lives. Not forgetting the tourists who come to swim in its beautiful waters  and to visit the cave where John the apostle had his vision of Jesus .

The plan was to capture a snap-shot of the island in the limited time I had there. As the title suggests, it was twelve days, but actually only around 8 shooting days. I wanted to make a wide variation of work as I could in order to capture something of the island that would make the familiar seem unfamiliar , to people of the island and visitors alike.

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‘Come to Paradise 1 ‘


‘Toy ‘





‘Son of Greece’




‘A son of England’


‘Flying child of Patmos’

Poster 2

I wanted also to make a few pictures that commented upon the tragic migration crises that has, I feel, affected Greece and some of her islands in a disproportionate way compared to other ( and richer ) European countries. These three pictures are the ‘Come to paradise ‘ series and one of them is shown here.

There were eventually 26 large framed prints hanging in the show, so given the limited time to get ‘beneath the surface’  I was pleased. There are plans to transfer the exibition to a central Athens gallery and beyond following that. More info about this will be forthcoming. D