January /February 2018

NGO Work in Uganda.

SAC. (Send-a-cow) 30th anniversary generational change commission.

It was a great privilege to be asked to take part in this celebration and to photograph individuals and families in Uganda who have been beneficiaries of the kindness, wisdom and education of this amazing charity started by a few UK based farmers 30 years ago this spring. As part of this years SAC 30th Anniversary generational change launch I spent most of January traveling throughout Uganda photographing outreach disability projects for SAC as well as meeting three families who’s lives have been changed over the thirty year period since they first received a cow from the UK. It was my brief to record visually- through photography how their lives and the quality of their lives have been enhanced since first working with SAC.

The banner image concept I came up with that hopefully tells the story in one shot is seen here. It shows the home and the family who received a cow 30 years ago. I spent 16 hours in a tent making a series of time-lapse stills outside Kassillinas’s house here.  Kassillina , on the right, resplendent in her orange Sunday best is seen with her daughter Olivia- her new baby and her two sets of young twins . Through SAC and the donated cow, families could afford to purchase a solar panel, their children could study after dark by the light it provided , they could go to a decent school and get a good education -all afforded by the bi-products of the cow, milk to sell, better fertiliser from the dung and more produce to sell as a result etc . Kassillina’s daughter was then able to get a decent job and in turn send her children to a good school ( seen here in their smart uniforms ).

  • Big thank you to Scott Freeman and The Operators in London for putting this together with me with their amazing post-production skills , and, more importantly giving their time free .

* More details , pictures and individual stories can be seen on my Instagram feed #darranrees  on the right of this screen.



Olivia with her children in her Mothers kitchen


Babirye in her Grandma’s kitchen


Mt & Mrs Kizito & daughter Rose, then and now.

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