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Lucie/IPA awards 2017 .

Great to have one of the Liberty Mutual / Havas NY shots from the campaign choosen in the Honorable Mention category at the awards last month.ipa-2017-grab

Apple -USA visit.

A wonderful opportunity to get to meet the amazing art producer , creatives and producers at the Apple Photo Department in San Francisco this month . The portfolio/book seemed to go down very well,  as did the little 20 page magazine we created – made up solely of iPhone ‘snaps’ , simply as a little leave-behind-thank-you. Here is the cover.

DarranR-fanta copy



I am fortunate in having the friends and colleagues that I have in the USA, along with the new friends and creatives I made and met on the trip to Apple combining portfolio viewings in Chicago , San Francisco and Los Angeles . Specific thank you to you both at LEO BURNETT. You great guys at MUH.TAY.ZIK / HOF-FER . You at MULLENLOWE ! , you at ARGONAUT , VENABLES and you at BUTLERSHINESTERN for the great response and help with finding a new U.S. representative . Thanks all.

Here are a few images I had time to make on the compact during a manic schedule …

Detroit Airport

Detroit Airport


Evanston Chicago


On the L Train Chicago

New U.S. work published

Here is one of the images made recently for ‘Liberty Mutual ‘ which I can now show. The commission was to provide a minimum of ten ‘beautiful’ and ‘iconic’ images of the well know lady landmark for this famous Boston based client , who use her image in their advertising.

I had three hours helicopter-time over two days , two dawns and one evening. The weather played ball with us on one of those mornings and gave me what I was looking for . That moment of evocation and symbolism associated with this place. Just a little rendering here on my version and no comping.

Thank you to ; Allison of Liberty Mutual , Patti & Renee of Schumann & Co.,Chicago. and Anneka Howe of ‘Howehaus Productions’ New York, for all providing the opportunity and help making it work so well. Finally ,Scott Freeman at ‘The Operators’ -London for the terrific post production on the clients final pics.Liberty-FIN-2June-myversion+flag+USM