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National Geographic ‘Daily Dozen’ -selected.

Great to have one of my images selected by National Geographic yesterday as part of the twelve pictures their editors chose daily . I’m particularly chuffed because as a photographer , I have always dreamed of being associated in some way with this great institution,  plus , between NG and NG-Photo they have a following of over 21 million people ! A added bonus was one of their editors picking out my shot for this comment -below. I am very happy they went with one images from the Translavania , Romania series.





New Website Titles and Layout

Finally got around to a overdue edit and de-clutter of the website .

And, following many requests , adding some info titles.

Here is a pic from the new series section and

‘Romania Lands’

During the year I spent living in Romania , apart form the more

serious work , I was often gifted simple yet intimate moments of magic.


Maria in her Kitchen

This is a neighbour of my mother-in-law , Maria,  I like Maria. She has a quiet air of affectionate wisdom and affability about her despite limited circumstances and personal tragedies that are, unfortunately, unique to poorer struggling countries like Romania. This was one of many images I made during the time I lived in Eastern Romania and forms part of a ongoing project as well as fascination I have for this fabulous country and it’s wonderful resourceful people – like Maria.1Maria-in-her-kitchenhttp://www.darranrees.com/portfolios/projects#romania